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About us


Dear All,

Let me proudly introduce Silver Corner Manpower Recruitment Consultants who have set a new benchmark in job placement industry of UAE (United Arab Emirates). Silver Corner Manpower Consultancy is an offshoot of SILVER GROUP , the multifaceted business house of Global recognition providing a gamut of highly professional and world class services in various sectors critical to economic development. Silver Corner efficiently caters to Civil and MEP, Oil Gas, Petrochemical & Chemical, Automobile, marine & Security Guards, Hospitality, Hotel, Restaurant, Constructions & Factories (all categories & semi-skilled) and many other sectors of the economy.

Silver Corner's position and status in the industry is upgraded by the perfect maintenance of operational skills, care efficiency and quality standards at all our division of Services. Over the Years we have a amassed a strong and loyal customer base in United Arab of Emirates and Middle East, who vouch for our professional competency and accountability. To serve them better, we have to ensure our presence at all strategic points of UAE and Middle East. The complementary relations we have built through the years by delivering high value services have amazingly endure test of time.

With remarkable standing of more than 10 years in the industry, Silver Corner Manpower division offers comprehensive job placement solutions that satisfy the needs of an immersive clientele of the industrial, commercial and government sectors of the Middle East and UAE when the right deployment of the manpower matters of various organizations aspiring to make an upward leap. Silver Corner is the best preferred choice of many, including core industries. These pro-active alliances developed over the years enable Silver Corner to perfectly deliver to the specific need based demands of each Client. We have completely succeeded in translating this great customer satisfaction into their effective retention. To optimized business performance and put manpower placement division into high gear, Silver Corner manpower Division, is the premier spot in the industry, where we stand today. In the pages to follow we enumerate our service that has earned us an ascending foothold in the global platform. Let me take this opportunity to welcome one and all to the Silver Group of Companies.



Abdel Tawab Ammar

Executive Director